Village Harmony Midwest Teen Camp 2016

by Village Harmony

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Led by Suzannah Park, Bongani Magatyana, Avery Book & Robert Raymond


released March 7, 2017

Ultra-Violet Archer, Maya Barber, Sarah Esmee Begin, Avery Book, Sydney Cusic, Elisabeth Fraser, Allen Gabriel, Evyatar (Evy) Gershon, Bongani Patrick Magatyana, Matice Maino, Sierra Norford, Suzannah Park, Marguerite Quigley, Molly Raddant, Robert Raymond, Conor Ritchie-Dunham, Eva Rocheleau, Cori Shooter, Ashley Washington



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Village Harmony Camp Sessions Marshfield, Vermont

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Track Name: Ladumizulu (South Africa)
Ladumizulu Baba
Ladumu zulu ladumaka khulu

Ndzo mtshelu Baba mina
Ndzo mtshelu Baba ndzo mtshela ndonile

Holala holala ho

The sky is thundering and the little girl is scared
She decided to confess all her sins to her mother
Track Name: North Salem (shape-note)
1) My soul, come meditate the day,
And think how near it stands,
When thou must quit this house of clay,
And fly to unknown lands.

2) And you, mine eyes, look down and view,
The hollow gaping tomb,
This gloomy prison waits for you,
Whene’er the summons come.
Track Name: Morning come, Maria gone
Morning come and Maria's gone 3x
And it's early in the morning

1) Oh, she's gone and I can't go 3x
And it's early in the morning

2) Never could I know her mind 3x
And it's early in the morning

3) Trouble, trouble is my name 3x
And it's early in the morning
Track Name: Telauri maqruli (Georgia)
Aralalo, hai hari aralalo
Ai, a haralo, ari aralo

1) Movdivart mogvikharian bich'ebo
movdivart mogvikharian
mogvqavs ts'iteli khokhobio

2) Khokhbisa miqvars ena-o bich'ebo
khokhbisa miqvars ena-o
maghlidan gadmoprena-o

3) Khokhobi chven kori tkvena bich'ebo
khokhobi chven kori tkvena
davich'iret oriv chvenao

- We are coming joyfully, we are bringing a red pheasant, boys
- I love the voice of the pheasant as it flies down
- A pheasant for you and a hawk for us, boys; we've caught them both.
Track Name: Adide sulo chemo (Georgia)
Adide, sulo chemo
u'patiosnesi da udidebulesi maghlisa mkhedrobata
kalts'uli qovladts'mida ghmrtismshobeli.

Magnify, oh my soul, the most glorious Theotokos,
more honorable and more glorious than the hosts on high.

"Theotokos" means "Mother of God"—literally, "God-bearer". This chant is sung at the 9th mode of the Christmas canon.
Track Name: Lalkhor gvihri (Georgia)
lalkhor gvihri, woreraida worera
woreraida mushan mara, woreraida worera

...zhiv alzorend...
...limzr gvera...

...didab, didab...
...khosham gherbat...

...ash lmzre...
...giri mugval...

Lalkhor is calling us, Svanetian man.
Let's gather, we will pray.
Glory, glory to the big god.
May God bless everything around.
Track Name: Ngizo casha (South Africa)
Enqabeni ngiku Jesu
Ngizo casha

Ngizo cashe nqabeni, cashe nqabeni
Enqabeni ngiku Jesu
Ngizo casha

I'm in a safe place
In Jesus I will hide
Track Name: Umthandazo ngamandla (South Africa)
We Afrika, izwe lihle
We Afrika
We Afrika zwelihle
Umthandazo ngamandla
Saphela bo, e-Afrika
Zizifo yhini, zingozi na
Somandla yhini sono sethu

A pr
Track Name: Siwili wili (South Africa)
Siwili-wili sama bhulu
Ama Bhul'a yawiliza
Ay' thathi ngane yami we ma
Ayay'va lele venini

Ngathi ng'yabuza k'lama bhulu
Awa ng'naka noku ng'naka

Ndakhala ndathwali zandle khanda mina
Lizobuyeli lizwe
Angekh'a mabhulw'a salebusa

Zinyembezi zam, angekhe zawela phantsi mina
Lizobuyeli lizwe
Angekh'a mabhulw'a salebusa

They took my child and locked him in the police van
And when I asked these white men, they never answered me
I cried outloud and said, we will get our land back!
You will not govern our land forever!
Track Name: Donasa Elisa mia (Sardinia)
Donosa Elisa mia
In antis de mi pònnere in su mare
Mandare ti cheria
Un'amasciada pro ti saludare
Passo sas dies tristes
Ca no isco donosa coment'istas
Non mi poto allegrare
In su retiru ca non bido a tie
E benzo a ti chircare
In fatu a sas muntagnas note a die

My dear Elisa
Before going to sea
I will send
A message to say goodbye.
Sadly I pass my days
Because I do not know, my dear, how you are.
I cannot rejoice.
In my room I do not see you
And I come looking for you
And I circle around the mountains night and day.
Track Name: Sa etza filadora (Sardinia)
Sa etza filadora
S’ammentait ancora
Canno filat assai

Connoschinne sa trama
Li enit torr’in brama
Ma non s’avverat mai

Ca mancat su vigore
Tanno no at valore
Su bi pensare ibbia

Su vigor’est fininne
Su briu est deperinne
Est prus morta que bia

The old spinner
Still he remembered
When he is spinning much

Knowing theplot
There comes to him much nostalgia
But it does not correspond to reality

Because it lacks vigor
Therefore it has no value
To think about it only

The force is ending
The enthusiasm is waning
It is more dead than alive
Track Name: Also hat Gott die Welt geliebt (Heinrich Schütz))
Also, also hat Gott die Welt geliebt,
daß er seinen eingebohrnen Sohn

auf daß alle, alle, alle, alle,
die an ihn gläuben
nicht verloren werden.

Sondern das ewige Leben,
das ewige Leben haben
Track Name: The Child of Grace (shape-note)
1) How happy’s ev’ry child of grace, Who feels his sins forgiv’n;
This world, he cries, is not my place, I seek a place in heav’n.
A country far from mortal sight, Yet, oh! By faith I see
The land of rest, the saints’ delight, A heav’n prepared for me.

2) Oh, what a blessed hope is ours While here on earth we stay,
We more than taste the heav’nly pow’rs And antedate that day.
We feel the resurrection near, Our life in Christ concealed,
And with his glorious presence here Our earthen vessels filled.
Track Name: Mean things
There are mean things happening in this land (2x)
But the union's going on, and the union's growing strong
There are mean things happening in this land.

-On the 18th day of May the union called a strike
But the planters and the bosses throwed the people out of their shacks

-The planters throwed the people off the land, where many years they had spent
And in the cold hard winter they had to live in tents

-The planters throwed the people out, without a bite to eat
They cursed them and kicked them and some with axe handles beat

-The people got tired of working, and that from sun to sun
But the planters forced them to work at the point of the gun

Alternate third lines of choruses:
...Too much cotton in our sacks so we have nothing on our backs...
...Groceries on the shelves, but we have none for ourselves...
...The rich man boasts and brags while the poor man goes in rags...
...Oh, the farmer cannot eat, 'cause he's raised too much wheat...

(There'll be good things...)
...When the workers take a stand and unite in a solid band...
Track Name: Sinner man
Sinner man, so discouraged
While travel’n through this land, this land
Oh Lord, this land
Now let us have a little talk with Jesus just to hear what he has to say

My God almighty spoke and he said
Go and I’ll go with you,
Open your mouth and I will speak speech for you
For my Lord, tell me what to say, they won’t believe on me

Some say give me silver, Lord
Some say give me gold, my brother
I say give me Jesus, for he’s precious to my soul

I would not be a sinner, Lord
I’ll tell you the reason why, my brother
Afraid the Lord might call me, and I wouldn’t be ready too die
Track Name: Goqoqo (South Africa)
Goqoqo khence goqoqo
Khenkce goqoqo, khenkce goqoqo
Nceda ubethe lompuko

(Yulukudu) qeqeqe qeqeqe qo

This is a tongue-twister in Xhosa, about a mouse running around in the house, knocking over dishes, dashing under people's legs, etcetera.
Track Name: One by one (South Africa)
Yibambeni njalo bakithi ningadinwa
Ningaphelelwa ngamandla
Siyababona sebefunu-kusiqeda
One by one
Ngekhe balunge, sizonqoba, ngekhe balunge
Ngoba thina
Zogona bayabaleka
Zobona magwala
Ibala lami, elimnyama, ndiyazidla ngalo

Hold on young man
don't give up
Yes, we can see they are trying to destroy us
but they won't win the fight
We are proud of our black skin
Track Name: Pata-pata (South Africa)
Saguquka sathi bheka
Hayi yiyo mama, yiyo mama

Nantsi papa-pata, yiyo li pata-pata

Come on, let's dance pata-pata!
Come on, come on, let's do it!
Touch, touch, pata-pata!

Yiyo-li, pata-pata

Track Name: Ndiyeza (South Africa)
Khanindi hlangabezeni
Ndisendleleni, ndiyeza

I'm on my way, can you meet me halfway, please?

A bride is talking to the bridegroom's family, as she is coming with her bags to join them.