Village Harmony New England Teen Camp 2, 2015

by Village Harmony

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Village Harmony's New England July teen camp 2015, led by Patty Cuyler, Megan Henderson, Avery Book and Lysander Jaffe.


released February 10, 2017

The Singers:
Olivia Arthen, Sophie Bady-Kaye Avery Book, Andrew Buchan-Groff, Eliya Cook, Patty Cuyler, Grace Derksen, Ethan Earle, Riley Earle, Sandro Erkvanidze, Dolly Farha, Allen Gabriel, Anna Gabriel, Maya Galode, Marcella Harvi, Zeb Hathaway, Megan Henderson, Anna Hepler, Hap Ingram, Lysander Sofil Jaffe, Ruby Kahn, Annabel Lapp, Loussine (Lucy) Martirossian, Camille Porter-Phillips, Mila Schmidt, Winter Seyfer, Thistle Swann, Amélie Waldron



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Village Harmony Camp Sessions Marshfield, Vermont

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Track Name: Ndim'ithemba (by Bongani Magatyana)
A1/T/B: Sizongena siphethe lomli lovuthayo
Ndim' ophetheyo nalapha
Ndim' ithemba

S: Awiwi, awiwi, awiwi, awiwi
Ndithi ndim' ophetheyo, ndithi ndim' ophetheyo

A2: Sangena, sangena siphethe lomlilo
Lomlilo vuthatayo, ndim' ophetheyo

S: Lingenile, lingenile
Lingeni lithemba, lingenile

A: Musanukungxam' inyathi buzwa
Musanukungxama senjenje

T/B: Satsho sangena siphethe lomlilo vuthayo
Satsho sangena senjenje

We enter carrying the burning fire. I'm still the leader, I am the hope.
The hope is entering
Don't hurry. Ask the buffalo (ask the experts)! Don't hurry. We do like this!
Here we come, carrying this burning fire. Here we come . We do like this!
Track Name: Njengebhadi libhadula (South Africa)
Njengebhadi ibhadula
Ukufun’ umthombo
Iyafuna njalo
Intliziyo yami
Track Name: Hlanhlaleyo (South Africa)
Ukukhonz' inkos' uJesu, o yinhlanhlaleyo

O yinhlanhlaleyo, o yinhlanhlaleyo

Bengabiz' igama lahke, amadimon' ayathuthumela
Uma bebiz' igama lakhe amadimon' ayathuthumela

Sithi kholwa mzalwane, kholwa

Worshipping the Lord Jesus is a blessing. Oh, it is a blessing.
We call out on his name to cast demons out.
We are saying, believe, my brother and sister.
Track Name: Encore: Hit the road to dreamland (Golden Gate Gospel Quartet)
Yes, yes, a-good children, (it's gettin') time to hit the road (2x)

Oh King Solomon once in his wisdom said
'There's nothin' quite like a good feather bed."
This may not be just the written word
so don't quote me, because I only heard
And then, I may have misunderstood
but if he didn't say that, he certainly should
Because in this world with it's killing pace
Man needs a good resting place
Early to bed and early to rise
makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise

Yes, yes, a-good children (it's gettin') time to hit the road.

Oh with everything electric and mechanized
if you do get nervous I ain't surprised
So, listen little children, you can't cure ills
with capsules, tablets and vitamin pills
And the only thing to rest your head
is a good night's sleep in a quilted bed
So just resolve to be good and firm
The early bird's a-gonna catch-a the worm

Yes, yes, a-good children (it's gettin') time to hit the road.

Now, dig that moon shinin' 'way up there
His chops are all beat and he ain't nowhere
He's dyin' to get some shut-eye, too
But he's got to stay up and light the way for you
So be good, children, and treat him right
He'll shine like a lantern on tomorrow night
Well it's half-past two and it ain't no crime
We hope you had an enjoyable time
We truly thank you for your friendly call
But we're forced by law to say 'goodnight all!'

Yes, yes, a-good children (it's gettin') time to hit the road.

Bye-bye, bye-bye, bye-bye!